Mt. Olive Pickle Review

 Mt. Olive Pickle Review

History and Interesting Facts:

     It all started at Mt. Olive Pickle Company, Inc., located at the Corner of Cucumber & Vine in Mount Olive, North Carolina, was originally founded for the purpose of brining cucumbers to be sold to other pickling firms. It started producing pickles in the 1920s. The building is only 3,600 square feet and $19,500 in capital, but after a while Mt. Olive has grown to manufacture the best selling brand of pickles in the Southeast, and the best selling brand of pickles in the country. Shickrey Baddour, a Lebanese immigrant from nearby Goldsboro, saw opportunity in the wasted cucumber crops of nearby  farmers. He came up with the idea of buying the cucumbers, putting them in a brining tank and selling the brined cucumbers, or brine stock, to other pickle firms. He then found a young man named George Moore, a sailor who worked in a Castle Hayes pickle plant, he got his help. The first plan they created together didn’t quite get any buyers.

By January 1926, a new plan was put into place through the efforts of a group of local business people who formally established the Mt. Olive Pickle Company, Inc. to pack and sell its own pickles. Thirty-seven original shareholders put forward the capital to get the company started in what all viewed as a “community proposition.” The board of directors hired Moore as factory superintendent and Baddour as salesman, and it purchased one acre of land from farmer J.A. Westbrook for $1,000. The land is part of the current manufacturing site today. Westbrook’s home still stands across from the plant. This just shows that this little factory, buisness went to an nationwide company selling pickles everywhere! The Mt. Olive Pickle has been around for about 87 years and I don’t see any change in mind that it will stop there!



     Mt. Olive pickles have been around a long time in my family and in the United States. They are great for family and friends to share, just pointing this out to entertaining people. I think they are one of the best pickle brands in America. Why I say this, is among the facts that prove that they are.  The overall appearance of the pickle is fantastic. It has that great green color all pickles should have. That cucumber look/ form, and the warts on the pickles are not to big and not too tiny. If you think the appearance is delectable then you will think the smell and taste is scrumptious. And that is absolutely, 100% true. The aroma of the pickles is well balanced. The salty smell, and dill sour smell are perfectly mixed so that your not overwhelmed by too much salt or dill. The taste is way better than the smell, by far. The smell has a very well balanced mixture of dill and salt just like the smell does except when it hits your taste buds it just melts them in a nice sour dill flavor. The structure of the pickle is great too. The crunch is very nice, and the juicy feeling from the pickle juice after every bite is amazing.

I can’t believe that there is actually something wrong with the pickle. but after all nothing is perfect. The only thing bad about this pickle is the health. The sodium count is 310mg, a very high sodium count so you high cholesterol people stay away or eat few of these pickles. The calorie count is 5 calories. A higher calorie count than any other pickle brand mentioned here, so you people who are on diets keep away or eat few from these pickles. And the serving size for this brand is 3 pickles. Your kids will be sure to love them, it’s also good for a family tradition. The brand could be past on to generation to generation keeping the brand alive. I have had these pickles since a little kid and I may for the rest of my life. These pickles are truly the best pickles you can get for the taste and the laughs that bring friends and family close together.


Giant Basic Brand: My first glance at the Giant Brand was the same as any other pickle I’ve looked at, a nice green color, that cucumber form that pickles are formed in, and the warts that pickles have. The overall health of these pickles are pretty good better than Mt. Olive and Valassic. The sodium count was 210mg, the serving size is 1 pickle, and the calorie count was 0. The structure of the pickle was crunchy and had that juicy feel to it. The things that brought this pickle brand down are the most important things a pickle should have. The taste and the smell. The smell was this bad bitter smell that really didn’t smell all that appetizing. I almost didn’t feel like trying it but I did. The taste was exactly how it smelled, bitter and not appetizing.

Score: B-

I scored this as a B- because of the bitterness in the pickle’s smell and taste.



Same as the Giant brand pickle the appearance of the pickle looked great. The nice green color, the warts, and that cucumber form. The health was a little worse than the Giant Brand. The sodium count was 280mg, the serving size was 1 pickle, and the calorie count was 0. So a little more salty the pickle was, but that is what made the taste and smell great! The smell was nice and balanced with salt and dill. Now if the aroma is good than the taste must be good too right? No not really the taste of the pickle tasted a little too salty. It wasn’t really a nice balance with the salt and dill, there was more salt than dill, which is not good. The structure of the pickle though was amazing! Especially the crunch. All pickles need to have a crunch and Valassic had that crunch, it was like you bit into a chip but more juicy. That’s another good thing. The juiciness of the pickle was amazing as well.

Score: A-

 I scored this as a A- because there was too much salt taste. Like the taste wasn’t balanced with dill and salt evenly.

Field (Weis Brand): The appearance of this pickle was great. The nice green color, nice cucumber form, and nice looking warts. And I know that’s kind of wierd to say. Anyways, the health of this pickle brand is the exact same as the Giant brand. The sodium count is 210mg, the serving size is 1 pickle, and the calorie count is 0. Overall health is good. The smell of the pickle was not that good. The smell had this sweet smell and that is definitely what dill pickles should not have! I was almost afraid to taste because if the smell was sweet the taste might be sweet. I did eventually try it and I was right. The taste was this sweet taste that wasn’t dill at all. Also there was barley any salt making the sweet taste stand out even more! Not good. The structure was also not good. All kids of pickles should be crunchy but this brand of pickles were more soft than crunchy and it was just not good.

Score: C-

I scored this a C- because the sweetness in the pickle is not exceptable in a dill pickle. Also the structure of the pickle was poor, the crunch was not there and thats a big let down in any kind of pickle.  

One Direction- Take Me Home Music Review











Artist(s): Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, and Zayn Malik.

Album Title: Take Me Home

Genre: Metronomic rock-inherited pop

Label: Columbia, Syco

Release Date: November 9, 2012

Reviewed by: Danielle Payne



01. Live While Were Young

02. Kiss You

03. Little Things

04. C’mon, C’mon

05. Last First Kiss

06. Heart Attack

07. Rock Me

08. Change My Mind

09. I Would

10. Over Again

11. Back for You

12. They Don’t Know About Us

13. Summer Love

Bonus Tracks:

01. She’s Not Afraid

02. Loved You First

03. Nobody Compares

04. Still the One

05. Truly Madly Deeply

06. Magic

07. Irresistible 



 1. This album is the second studio album made from this band.

2. The composers for this album, Rami Yacoub and Carl Falk, spent time shaping the melodies of the songs to fit the 5 individuals’ tones.

3. The album’s songs are characterised by metronomic rock-inherited pop, vocal harmonies, hand claps, prominent electric guitar riffs, bright synthesizers, a homogeneous sound and message, pitch-correcting software Auto-Tune, and rotations of lead vocals.

4. Many One Direction fans went nuts from these two songs and many became a One Direction fan ever since.

5. Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, and Zayn Malik wrote the entire song, “Last First Kiss.”





One Direction: Billboard.

The recent album ‘Take Me Home’ from One Direction was a top charter. This new album features 20 songs total. The album was released November 9, 2012. The band consists of 5 members: Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, and Zayn Malik. They each have some solos within some songs and the way the composer harmonized them together made the songs even more enjoyable to watch. One Direction fans loved the album and are excited for another one to come out! They have picked up so much momentum from the last album they released ‘Up All Night’ and now that this new album ‘Take Me Home’ was released there will be no slowing down soon as said by another reviewer, “Rest assured, ‘Take Me Home’ is a record destined for commercial success. Since the release of “Up All Night” last March, One Direction has picked up big-time momentum and show no signs of slowing down any time soon.”


In this album I really liked the way the music speaks to you, like it makes you feel like the boys are really talking to you. Like for example, the song ‘I Would’ and ‘Change My Mind’ were some of the songs that really gave you the feeling that the boys were really talking to you. The lyrics the boys used and how they sang it made you feel that way. “I Would’ might be tucked away in the back half of the album, but it’s one of ‘Take Me Home’s’ best surprises. Written by Danny Jones of McFly, ‘I Would’ it isn’t afraid to get cute, telling a tale about yearning for a girl who has a tough-guy boyfriend with “27 tattoos.” In this song the story about them yearning for a girl with a tough-boyfriend who they apparently can’t compete over is a really touching story line. Also the song ‘Last First Kiss’ 3 of the band members, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, and Zayn Malik, wrote the song together. Therefore, proving my point, that they can write it or make it that it sounds like their singing it just for you.


In this album I also really liked the way they harmonized together in the songs. The way all of their voices were placed together was just heaven. They also have tiny solos within the songs. Their voices all match and work together in the songs. Like in the song ‘Rock Me’ when Louis Tomlinson sings his some-what solo part Harry Styles is in the background and it just makes that part better than just having him sing it alone every time he sings that verse. Louis has the high voice and Harry has the deep voice; put them together you get an evenly mixed toned out, harmonized pitch. I also really liked the way the music in all the songs match appropriately to the songs. Which makes all the harmonizing the boys do together work really well. Like in the song ‘They Don’t Know About Us’ this song starts off with piano and throughout the entire song it moves at a steady pace; like what you would dance to if you were slow dancing.  Therefore that proves that all the band member’s voices can be put together to put the songs at its best tone. Along with the music it can make the boy’s harmonizing at its best too.


 Final Thoughts


          I give this album “2 thumbs up!”  The ‘Take Me Home’ album has the pop beat everyone loves and that slow, touching feeling of slow songs. The best part is that all these songs sound like what the boy’s would create themselves just like they did on the song ‘Last First Kiss’. Also all the music comes into play at the right time, and at the right pitch. You should seriously consider buying this album! You won’t be sorry.

Lincoln Movie Review

Lincoln Movie Review                                              



Actors: Abraham Lincoln (Daniel Day-Lewis), Robert Todd-Lincoln (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), William Seward (David Strathairn), Mary Todd-Lincoln (Sally Field), Thaddeus Stevens (Tommy Lee Jones), etc…

Running Time: 2 hours and 30 minutes

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Director: Steven Spielberg

Genre: Historical Fiction, War Film, Biographical Film, and Drama.



In 1865, as the American Civil War comes toward conclusion, U.S. president Abraham Lincoln (Daniel Day- Lewis) says he is to achieve passage of the landmark constitutional amendment which will forever ban slavery from the United States. However, his task is a race against time, for peace may come at any time, and if it comes before the amendment is passed, the returning southern states will stop it before it can become law. Lincoln must, by almost any means possible, obtain enough votes from a recalcitrant Congress before peace arrives and it is too late. Yet the president is torn, as an early peace would save thousands of lives. As the nation confronts its conscience over the freedom of its entire population, Lincoln faces his own crisis of conscience — end slavery or end the war. Will he be able to do it?



       The dialogue and how the characters acted really fit the time period of Lincoln’s presidency. They talked really smart, and had a great, powerful way of talking to persuade the men in the house of representatives. President Lincoln who is played by Daniel Day- Lewis does a really great job when appearing to be thinking as he does a lot throughout the movie. He also talks very calmly throughout the movie with a few exceptions when he gets frustrated. He also fits the character Abraham Lincoln because of his size and his looks/ how close he looks to the real Abraham Lincoln. Abraham’s wife Mary Todd-Lincoln played by Sally Field does a really good ‘upset’ impression when she finds that her oldest son Robert Todd-Lincoln played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt is joining the army. She gets really upset because their first son died while in battle and they didn’t want it happen to their other eldest son. She really acted like she was in agony and despair because another one of her sons were joining the army and possibly going to be killed. This other character, Thaddeus Stevens played by Tommy Lee Jones, was a very powerful speaker. He made his point very clear, correct, and considered and that’s what made many of the people in the house of representitives vote for the 13th amendment. All the characters in the movie “Lincoln” did a very good job speaking with power and at sometimes speaking calmly to make this movie political and adult like.

     The director is a really good director. He directed the recent DVD release, “War Horse.” I feel like he is really good at making history and war related movies considering the movies he has made. He makes the characters speak with power and feeling. Not just someone reading words off a paper. If it weren’t for the director the characters probably wouldn’t have acted like they did. It wouldn’t be as serious and full of feeling. He also made the plot of the movie go in order really well. The main point of the movie was to explain and show the struggles Lincoln faced trying to pass the 13th amendment and the little time he had to get the votes he needed. So the director was a really good pick for this movie.

     The setting in the story and the sets that the movie was filmed on looked really like times back then when Lincoln was president. The costumes that the characters dressed in only made it even better. The dresses that women wore back then looked really well done, the suits that the men wore were also made well, and lastly the army outfits were outstandingly made too. The sets that they preformed in were made great too. They fitted the time period they were in. Like Lincoln’s bedroom, the white house, and the House of Representatives room. The first two scenes of the movie was where a battle took place, and many were being killed. The other scene where Lincoln is talking to fellow white and African American soldiers under a small wood cover. The settings in the movie really made the movie what it was and if it weren’t for the setting it wouldn’t have looked right.

Final Closing Thoughts:

     I seriously give this movie a thumbs up! It is a really informational movie good to show to students if they like the topic ‘Civil War’. By saying this I would recommend this movie to history lovers and adults. The directing was great, the settings were outstanding, and the characters and the acting together was the best part. Also the movie does a great job following the storyline of Lincoln’s stuggles trying the pass the 13th amendment. This movie just came out on DVD and it could be a good thing to watch if you were to do a report on Abraham Lincoln!


Click here to see my glog on the movie, “Lincoln.”



Giving Thanks!

What I’m really thankful for is that my aunt, uncle, cousins, and that most of their belongings are okay from Hurricane Sandy; they live in New Jersey. Here are some reasons why I’m so thankful for this. First of all of course there was some damage, but not major damage. Her beach house is on the coast of New Jersey, and it was spared because the “eye,” of the hurricane passed over the area where her beach house is located. Her beach house could’ve gotten hit harder than it was. Second, her house has a pool and a tree fell into it, and it didn’t damage the cabana she has at all. She has already had to re-do the cabana because of the hot tub leak that rests beside the cabana, and I didn’t want her to spend more money on that thing anymore than she already has. I’m thankful for that because it saves her money. The last reason is that I love them. I would like start to completely cry if something happened to them and something that affected them majorly. They mean the world to me and I don’t like seeing bad things happen to my family; at all. Well there you have it, this is what I am most thankful for and why I’ m so thankful for it.

My Digital Footprint

     So, when I typed my name in and my town nothing came up! That made me feel secure and out of reach to people who try to stalk or steal kids/people. That means I have set secure privacy settings to my accounts that I have currently. That to me is good because it means I’m safe from anyone trying to abduct me. I never want something like that to happen to me because I would be scared for life! That is what happened when I tried to research something about me that is on the Internet. Now what I did find was things about my mom, she is a nurse anesthetist, which means she puts people to sleep when surgery, or a procedure is about to happen. She has specialized in Anesthesiology! To me that is so cool! This makes me feel special too because my mom has a specialty.(: This is what came up when I typed my mom’s name on the Internet.

     When I researched my name without my town in it, some interesting things came up! Okay, first there is a restaurant called “D……..’s Italian and American Cuisine,” which to me is very cool because I’m fifty-percent Italian and I’m an American.(: There is also a meaning to my name as well. The meaning is, “D……..  is of Hebrew and French origin. The meaning of my name is “God is my Judge”. It’s a feminine variant of Daniel. Isn’t this cool! I never knew that is what my name really meant!(: He he, I feel so great to have been given this name. I also feel special!(: This is what how I felt when I typed my name on the Internet. Those were also the interesting things that are amazing that came up when I typed my name in to the Internet.

Worst 5 Songs Ever Made!

I love music! But these songs, I wish were never made! These songs get so annoying and do not make sense! I honestly don’t know how these songs made it to a hit, at all….. Here are the worst songs ever made!

1.) Eye of the Tiger, by Survivor. This song, to me, is stupid. It sings the same thing over and over and over again and it gets annoying. I loved the song at first but when it got into my head it got really annoying; so now when I hear it I just want to break the radio!

2.) Friday, Rebbecca Black. The lyrics do not make sense at all! Fridays are awesome, but come on….. a song about Friday, really? The song is stupid, the song sings about random things on Friday that doesn’t really happen on regular Fridays.

3.) Achy Breaky Heart, by Billy Ray Cyrus. This song is just weird. It just doesn’t make any sense. The song itself is really bad, there is no big reason, I just don’t like it. Also I’m not a fan of who sings it either.

4.) Call Me Maybe, by Carly Rae Jepsen. This song is amazing, but it really gets annoying. Every day it comes on the radio at least three to four times a day and it never gets out of my head! This song is great, it’s just that it’s annoying. “So call me maybe,” OMG! I’m going smash the radio with a spoon!


5.) Baby, by Justin Bieber. This song says baby like more then 50 times I feel. And it is so annoying! That’s basically the lyrics to the whole song. If you know how to spell baby you know the song. It doesn’t make any sense either. I don’t like it.

 Here if you want to see the best 5 songs ever made click the link below!

 The Best 5 Songs Ever Made!

If You Were to Visit Pennsylvaina

Student Blog Challenge – Week 3: There is history in the state of Pennsylvania, and the people should get to know what cool historic places there is here too. Below you will find a list of the places I think you must to here in Pennsylvania. If the list doesn’t convince you to go to these cool places, check out the list of cool places in PA below that!

Gettysburg, PA: The Gettysburg experience begins at the Gettysburg National Military Park museum and visitors center! You’ll be enriched with information, while having fun too. Then you can go on a Battlefield Tour, and look at all the cool 1,400 monuments that dot the landscape of the 6,000 acre battlefield. The tour can be given by car or bus. Devils Den is here to visit too! There is so much more things you can do here, but the main point is that Gettysburg is one out of many places that impacted U.S. history.

Hershey, PA: This is the sweetest place on earth! There is always something for everyone to do, to the thrills and excitement of the rides, to the relaxing Chocolate Spa. Here are some places you can visit here: Hershey Park, Hershey’s Chocolate World, Hershey Gardens, and Zoo America. There are some concerts and shows that happen here too, commonly held at Hershey’s Giant Center. This is the greatest place to go to spend time with family, it’s very fun!

Philadelphia, PA: Philadelphia first of all is the capital of Pennsylvania. This is also home to the Philly Cheese Steak. It’s veryYummy. Some attractions are, The Liberty 360 3-D Show, Franklin Square, Please Touch Museum, and so many more! The capital is a really awesome place to have fun and spend time with family and friends!


Adams County, PA: This place is populated most by Amish people. In which they shirk and stay away from technological things. Come here and see how and what the Amish do!


Crayola Factory: This colorful place can show you how to make makers, colored pencils, crayons, and all Crayola materials! You can also participate in many crafts and activities that go on there too! This is a great place for all ages! I loved my trip there!








ACE Journal Entries.

Journal Entry- 3, October-6
Write a funny story about a know-it-all snow leopard who solves crimes.
There once was a snow leopard named Bob. Bob loved solving crimes, but his partners thought he is too much of a know-it-all. His partners never told him though because he is really good at solving crimes, and if they did tell him they were afraid he would quit! His partners are a female house cat, named Sandy; and a male house mouse, named moose. They have just been informed that a crime had taken place near the pineapple store near elm street. The owners of the store had recently put pineapple cakes in the refrigerator, and now they are all gone! Bob and his partners sprang into action. Bob was investigating, looking for prints of any kind. While Sandy asked the owners of the store, Pine and Apple , questions of the crime scene before and after. She also asked if she could take a look at the surveillance camera to see if she could get a better look at what the criminal looks like. Moose was helping Bob investigate too. Bob shouted, “Look! Look! I have found foot, and finger prints on the fridge!” Sandy and Moose walked eagerly over towards the fridge. They both pulled out their scanners to track the DNA back to a specific person. The have found results! The suspect that have been tracked is the three little pigs! Then Sandy said, “No! The real suspect is the Big Bad Wolf, not the three little pigs.” Bob then said, “No Sandy your wrong!” Sandy then said irritatedly, “Would you stop being such a know-it-all!!!” Bob was shocked that Sandy would say that. Sandy then turned and walked out of the store and went home. Bob took a lie detector test on the three little pigs, and they were telling the truth, the pigs did not take the pineapple cakes. Then when Bob took the lie detector test on the big bad wolf, he was lying and he stole the cakes. It turns out Sandy was right. Bob then left to Sandy’s house to apologize. He did and Sandy re-joined the crime team, where Bob learned not to be such a know-it-all, and try all possible suspects that his team comes up with instead of what he just thinks. The end.



Journal entry 2-October 4, 2012

Once Upon a Time….. October 4th, 2012

Once upon a time there was a man named David Parsley, and David was a person who felt unloved and mistreated. But yet he felt to weak and helpless to stand up for himself): He had a pathetic job, and that job is taking out the trash from all the trash cans from the office workers. The office workers worked in a office building called The Office Building of Books and Fruit. This man is not educated, and he thinks like a 10 year-old boy, his real age is 17. He lives with his mom who’s soon going to pass away from lung cancer, and his dad is in jail from robbing a gas station. This makes his life get worse and worse. But his best friend, Joe Marley, who understands him gives him the suggestion to go camping with him and his family. He was delighted to go! He finally felt happy for once. So Joe, Joe’s family, and David head off to the camp site called Camp Twigs. They got there in about 2 hours, a pretty long ride. David didn’t care because he was focused on something other than his mom dying, or his dad in jail. They set up the camp stuff, and relaxed for the rest of the day. The next morning Joe’s parents made a good breakfast, and they talked about their lives. David was enriched and was happy that they were sharing on what he can become later in life. After breakfast they went hiking. David loved the views he saw, the freedom and happiness he felt! After a hour had passed they stopped and rested. After the camping trip, he spent as much time with his mom as he could before she died later that day. He was sad, but he knew he was not suffering anymore. After that he appreciated that he actually had a job, and then he became educated, loved, and treated well. His dad had come out of jail later in the year and he became the happiest he has been in his entire life. It stayed that way for the rest of hi life! The end.



Journal entry 1- October 1, 2012

It’s hard for me to pick a topic!
I was having so much trouble figuring out what I was going to write about at school during ACE, when Mr. Peglow gave me the idea to just write about how hard it is to think of a topic to write about! So I am. It may be different and random, but this is still a topic. It may sound easy, to write about a topic of your choice, but it turns out to be hard. It does because usually your told what to write about during school. Am I right? Then when your finally free to write about what ever you want, you end up being stuck on what to write about, because the teachers have almost always given you a topic to write about. Who agrees? I’m not a fan of writing about what ever I want, because of this. As I go along with this blog I’m finally thinking of a lot of things to write about, but it’s to late now. Some of these things are dogs, books, blogs, glogs, vlogs, softball, heart disease, cancer, vitamins, minerals, and cats. I know they’re probably random, but that is what is running through my mind right now. I’m really great at writing and coming up with a story line, when I know what to write about. But when it is my choice I can’t seem to pick a topic that I can write about and give enough details to support the topic. My sister is the lucky one because she can think of topics right of the top of her head without using any her brain! When she had gotten the assignment today she knew exactly what to write about, and got it done in the class. Since I didn’t think of a topic to write about early in the class, I was left to do it at home. But I got it done! But still this is why it is hard for me to pick a topic!


Top 5!

Here’s who my top 5 friends are!

1.)     Brianna Payne. She’s my sister which to me counts as a beyond best friend. She’s a really great softball player, she’s a good second baseman! She also has helped me through my ups and downs with things, and I appreciate that. She’s funny too. I can’t picture a moment in time wen she wasn’t with me, we’re that close! I love her, even though she is a little annoying. She has pretty blond curly hair. (: 

 2.) Kobe Towner. He’s my boyfriend and my beyond best friend! He’s athletic, and healthy. He plays basketball. He’s funny (hilarious), like seriously he can make me pee myself! He’s always there for me too, like he always finds a way to cheer me up when I’m down. We love to hang out together(: We can never hang out and not laugh, lets put it that way. (:

 3.) Ryleigh Vedder. She has the funniest laugh ever! Her laugh is viral, literally! Every time she starts to laugh really hard I almost pee myself, ha ha. She’s also been there for me when I was feeling down too. She is athletic too, she plays basketball. She has pretty blond hair. We have the funniest moments together when we hang out!

 4.) Natalie Stair. She is great at softball, she cathches really well! She’s a smart person, and helps me when I’m stuck on a school question. She’s also been there for me, when I was hurt or sad as well. She has really curly hair and it looks so pretty! She’s athletic too. She never puts me down. When we hang out we are always laughing!

  5.) Taylor Eader. She’s so nice, funny, smart, and more! She plays softball, and she throws really well! She helps me with problems I have, school wise too. She is my friend because she never puts me down! She has really pretty blond straight hair too. When we hang out we are always in her backyard jumping on her trampoline, because it’s so fun! We also capture the fun on video!




School Improvement Committee

I Danielle, have three suggestions to help improve my school, they are really what I’m considering to add. I would add air conditioners in all classrooms. Add more time for homework/ study. Also I want to add more teachers for the teaching staff for the school. Here are the three suggestions.

 First, I want to add air conditioners to all the classrooms to improve my school. A reason why is that when the summer days at the beginning of the year and the school days at the end of the year are really really hot! I think it makes students more tired and sleepy, therefore they will not be able to do their work and to focus when its time to. I really want to improve this because I personally can’t work under hot conditions like that, it makes me not focus and I can’t do my work. It may save lots of money but the student’s education I think is way more important! That’s why I think there should be air conditioners in all classrooms.

The second thing I would do to improve on the school is having more time to study, and to do homework because if we the students have a lot of homework and it’s that important and must be done, and yet they don’t give us enough time? To me that has got to change! Homework is practice time, and at home students have a limited time period to do homework. For example, me. When I get home all I do is homework right up until dinner. Then after that I have to take a shower and go to bed, because every student needs good rest. I say this is a problem because the student never gets any free time to themselves and their families. That is why I think that we should have more time to do homework and to study at school.

My last suggestion to help improve my school is to have more teachers for the teaching staff for the school because I think it’s a hassle for students and teachers as well. I say this because my school has 3 floors, and the first floor is all sixth grade. The 2nd floor has sixth graders too, that’s the same with the seventh graders as well, because there are 7th graders on the 8th grade floor. I think that gets the teachers overwhelmed with homework, tests, and other graded assignments because there is so many to grade! It gets me aggravated when all these 7th graders are in the hallway getting stuff out of their lockers while the 8th graders are trying to get through the hallway, but are struggling with all these 7th graders in the way. It’s not just me saying this it’s also my friends and 7th graders because we’re in the way of the 7th graders when they are tying to move through the hallway to get to their classrooms too. That is why having more teachers for the teaching staff could improve my school.

Those are the three suggestions I would add to help improve my school. To add air conditioners to all classrooms. Then to add more time to study/ do homework. Lastly to add more teachers to the teaching staff. Please take this to consideration. Thank you!